Sarah Rothe | jewellery & design

Willow Ring

The 'Willow' Ring is a design based on wrapped and weaved bangles I used to make and sell as a child, from the branches of the neighbours willow tree. 

Made from wrapped titanium wire, these rings are then anodised into a range of gorgeous colours. Light and easy to wear, the 'Willow' Ring is a great ring to wear either on its own, stacked with other 'Willow' Rings or stacked with another of your favourites. 

Packaged in a ribbed matte black gift box, with Sarah's signature logo stamped on the lid. They are posted in a padded recycled post-bag.

Titanium is used to capture these designs while utilising the strength, hypoallergenic and lightweight properties of this amazing metal. The array of beautiful shimmering colours are achieved through an electrical process where voltage is used to colour titanium without dyes.

Please let me know what size you are after when ordering, Small, Medium or Large. If no size is requested, Medium will be sent by default.