Product Care

Sarah Rothe jewellery is made using a mixture of different materials to create unique, beautiful and sometimes delicate wearable pieces. Although my material of choice is usually titanium, I also use a combination of sterling silver, niobium, brass and gold. Like with all jewellery, care should always be taken to preserve the colour, shape and lustre of any piece. Certain metals and materials might require a little cleaning or extra care to maintain it. Please see below for further information. 

Colour on titanium is a surface treatment created through an electical process, anodising. Although this treatment should last well, care should be taken not to scratch the surface. With rings however, wear will be much more then a pair of earrings and will wear differently depending on the roughness or care of the wearer. This has been considered with the design and is part of the wearers unique journey with their jewellery. (However if you are concerned that too much colour has been lost, most pieces can be anodised again to bring up their original bright colour.) Anodised (coloured) titanium can also start to look a little dull over time due to an oil build up from the oils in our skin. To clean the surface of your anodised titanium, simply rinse gently under warm soapy and pat dry with a soft cloth or tissue. (Do not use an abrasive cloth or polishing cloth) 


Niobium is much like titanium, although a little softer and colours a little more vibrantly. Please follow the advice above for titanium. 

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is used for all silver components including ear hooks, chains, jumprings and earring posts (unless otherwise indicated). Silver should always be treated with care and may require a little cleaning from time to time (due to tarnishing, which can be accelerated with acidic skin). If you feel like cleaning is needed or your pieces have lost their shine, gently rub over your silver jewellery with a soft polishing cloth, being careful to avoid other metals including titanium, niobium and any silk, cotton or leather cord.

Care should always be taken on a matt/satin surface. Polishing cloths have an embeded compound which is slightly abrasive to help with polishing and may effect the surface finish of the metal. If you feel like cleaning your silver might interfere with any other metals present in your jewellery pieces, please get in contact for specialised instructions. 


Brass is golden in colour and can be finished with a high shine/polish or a dull/matt surface. All brass is given a slight anti tarnish coating to prolong its lustre. If you find your brass has lost it's shine or is starting to tarnish or patina, it might be time to give it a little TLC and polish it up again with a nice soft polishing cloth and a bit of gentle rubbing (a bit of brasso can also be useful, but remember to only use this on brass and not on titanium or other meterials). 

To pro-long the original finish on your brass, it is advised to avoid getting your jewellery wet and avoid contact with perfume.

Silk, cotton and leather cord

Silk, cotton and leather cords are all natural materials and will not last forever. Care should be taken to avoid dirt, water, lotions and purfume as these might discolour or compromise their durability. 


Resin is a tough material. However like with all precious items care should still be taken. If dropped or knocked against a hard surface resin still has the potential to break. Avoid getting in contact with perfume which has the potential to discolour the resin and will not be good for the natural fibre cord. 


If you have any further queries on how to care for your jewellery please contact me,