'Hi Sarah. Arrived home and immediately put on the new earrings and deco ring. I love the way they look together. Very happy with my purchases.... again. Cheers Sharon' 


'Sarah made the most beautiful custom wedding ring I've ever seen for my wife. She took my jumbled ideas and made them into a fantastic reality. Needless to say my fiancé (now wife) was very pleased! - Joe'


'Amazing collection of jewellery with service to match. Specialists in local jewelers and products from around Adelaide. I recommend anyone wanting or looking for a nice local souvenir that you pop in and have a look around. You'll find things of exceptional quality here and won't regret buying them. I'll be back for sure! - Josh'


'Supporting some local artists is always great. I met Sarah at the Uni and have always been a fan of her work. Her shops always gets a visit when I am looking for gifts - Corey'