Custom Alternative Wedder Sarah Rothe


"Sarah made the most beautiful custom wedding ring I've ever seen for my wife. She took my jumbled ideas and made them into a fantastic reality. Needless to say my fiancé (now wife) was very pleased! - Joe"


Create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind commitment ring or future heirloom. Sarah can help you bring your vision to life through original designs, realised from sketch to finish, or bespoke adaptations of our collection pieces. 


Bring your vision to life.

Mon Cuer Ring Collection Gold, Sapphire, Diamonds
Rings Re-modeled into new Pendants

One of a Kind

Whether it's starting from scratch, redesigning an existing piece, or using sentimental metal and stones to create something entirely new, Sarah can sketch, design and guide you through the process. 



Create a special memento to share with your bridal party, with unique gifts for the special day and to keep forever. 

Images courtesy of Bentinmarcs Photography

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