Sarah Rothe | jewellery & design

Shield Stud Earrings Small - Mint/Yellow

A concave shield of colour with a delicately etched pattern. These earrings have a slight graduated colour, from a subtle mint at the top, to a golden tone at the bottom. Each earring is unique, with a different design on each one.

Titanium is used to capture these designs while utilising the strength, hypoallergenic and lightweight properties of this amazing metal. Detailed images are designed then created using an etching process, while the array of beautiful shimmering colours are achieved through an electrical process where voltage is used to colour titanium without dyes.

Measuring: H 45mm x W 12mm

Materials: Anodised Titanium (hypo-allergenic)

Posted in a signature black padded post bag and copper foil printed black box to keep these beauties safe at all times.