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Mechanical Botanical Pendants

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Mechanical Botanical Pendants are made with three layers of etched and anodised titanium elements which hang freely from a central point, allowing the pendant to move around delicately. 

Pendant measures 25mm and hangs from a 45cm sterling silver chain. 

Pendant comes packaged in a ribbed matte black gift box, with a silver foil logo stamped on the lid. They are posted in a recycled padded post-bag.

The Mechanical Botanical Range, is inspired by both botanical patterns and industrial elements of cogs and machinery. Titanium is used to capture these designs while utilising the strength, hypoallergenic and lightweight properties of this amazing metal. Detailed images are created using a chemical etching process, while the array of beautiful shimmering colours are achieved through an electrical process where voltage is used to colour titanium without dyes.