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Forest Floor Leaf Earrings Pink Champagne

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Inspired by leaf skeletons sent to me by my gorgeous Mum, I wanted to translate these delicate designs into something just as light but able to last a lifetime. Using titanium allows me to keep the fine detail, while remaining strong. Using anodising (an electrical process where voltage is used to colour titanium without dyes or adding to the surface) I am able to represent the many colours of leaves throughout the changing seasons, including those you might find fallen and scattered on the forest floor.

These earrings measure approx. 55mm x 30mm (not including the sterling silver hook, hypo-allergenic titanium hook available).

Earrings come packaged in a classic black gift box, with logo. They are posted in a padded recycled post-bag for extra safety.

**It's hard to capture the colour on these lovlies. The pink champagne colour has a really lovely shimmering quality. When on different angles they pick up pinks and warm gold tones.