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The Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

24th September - 20 September 2015

Exhibition Information 

Sarah Rothe Titanium Neckpiece Powerhouse Museum Sydney Australia Contemporary Jewellery

Sarah Rothe 'Serpentine Anisoptera', Titanium, 2011, Powerhouse Museum Sydney 

"Jewellery has been made and worn for personal, social and cultural reasons through millennia. Styles, materials and practices have varied across time and place, yet the desire to adorn ourselves has been universal.

Jewellery can influence the way people perceive us, make us more attractive, mark special events or symbolise wealth and status. We make, wear, give, receive, collect and express our identity, individuality and creativity through jewellery. It contributes to our spiritual, cultural and emotional well-being.

A fine possession celebrates the central place of jewellery in our lives, from antiquity to the present-day, through a sumptuous selection of jewellery made, worn and collected in Australia."

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