Sarah Rothe | jewellery & design

Upside-Down Confetti Stud Earrings **more colours available

Small titanium discs are attached to larger titanium discs, anodised gorgeous colours and attached to a sterling silver ear post.

Each earring is slightly different (upside-down) where there is a small disc hung from a large disc on one earring and a large disc hung from a small disc on the other earring, creating one earring to look ‘upside-down’. Small titanium disc measures approx 6mm and the larger titanium disc measures approx 9mm. Each earring measures approx 18mm from top to bottom.

Earrings come packaged in a ribbed matte black gift box, with a silver foil logo stamped on the lid. They are posted in a recycled padded post-bag.

Titanium is used to capture these designs while utilising the strength, hypoallergenic and lightweight properties of this amazing metal. Detailed images are created using a chemical etching process, while the array of beautiful shimmering colours are achieved through an electrical process where voltage is used to colour titanium without dyes.