Manuela Igreja

Beehive pendant // 18kt Rose gold plated // MANUELA IGREJA

Beehive pendant, 18kt Rose gold plated sterling silver 

necklace length 22cm, pendant 0.7cm


Manuela is a Melbourne based jeweller. After moving to Australia from Portugal, she began to explore the diverse landscapes and fell in love with the local flora. With a background in mathematics, it seemed a natural progression to bring into her jewellery the organic textures and patterns hidden in nature like the native spiky Sheoak pod or the so well-known healing Honey Manuka pod.

Manuela is nourished by serendipitous moments when gathering botanical elements from Australian reserves. Back to the studio, Manuela creates unique jewels made of silver and gold that perpetuate those natural elements. Most of the pieces, like the Enchanted Forest, are a combination of pods found in Australia. However, as Manuela comes from Portugal, the creator also has two collections inspired by Portuguese seeds to represent Manuela’s heritage. Wearing one of Manuela's creations is having an eternalized fraction of nature inspired by the vibrant culture of Australia.