Marissa Ziesing

Marissa Ziesing Designer Profile for Sarah Rothe

Instrumental to the development of Marissa’s work is a desire to understand the conscious and the unconscious of human relationships within place, identity and the natural environment. Her distinctive work translates a sense of place, Australia and in particular Marissa’s Canberran childhood in a contemporary context.

The traditional craft of silversmithing is an innate focus and specialty in Marissa’s collections, exhibition work and practice that extends across disciplines of sculpture, functional objects and design. Technical knowledge is something she strives for and is reflected in her making especially her interest in holloware, vessels and texture.

Marissa translates the techniques into jewellery with textural applications using these traditional metalsmithing techniques of raising, chasing and repoussé. She has developed a production range of jewellery to compliment her one off exhibition work.

Graduating in 2016 from the University of South Australia, Jewellery & Metal and in 2014 from Enmore Design Centre, Jewellery and Object Design, Marissa is continuing to establish herself as a maker and form a strong contemporary silversmith and jewellery practice in Adelaide.