Emma Field

Emma Field Designer Profile for Sarah Rothe 

Emma Field graduated from Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney in 2013 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts. In 2014 Emma gained a Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education from the Australian Catholic University, Strathfield. 

Recently Emma completed the two-year Associate program at JamFactory under creative director Christian Hall, where she worked on a number of large-scale commissions and other projects as part of the team in the Jewellery and Metal studio, whilst developing her own practice. Emma has been exhibiting artist since 2013.

Emma approaches jewellery making from a design perspective, making work that is both sculptural and wearable. Experimenting with 3D printing, as well as honouring the hand-made, she uses a broad range of materials to express her designs including aluminium, sterling silver, steel and brass. Clean lines coupled with uncontrolled and unexpected surfaces (either together or separately) are reoccurring in her work. These aesthetics are used to create narratives about ideas as complex as the constant balance between chaos and order within our lives, or about something as simple as the intersection of lines.